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Calm & Gentle Shearing

Alpaca Shearing

Pricing: Set-up $ 75.00

Each animal is $ 35.00 if it was sheared last year
$ 45.00 if not sheared last year...

Teeth & Nail $ 10.00 per animal
Call for Details: 3606512647

Service Description

Alpaca/ Llama Shearing provided at our farm or yours.

We have been shearing for about 4 years and have sheared a few hundred alpacas & not a lot of Llamas. I do teeth & nails.
We are very picky about the care of the animals during shearing,and we respect your shearing style.

Every animal is treated as if it were ours...

If we Shear at your place the fee is;

Terms of Service

We do shear on the ground & ropes that are safe to your animal.
If you need referrals we can provide them.